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Exposed Aggregates at Bundaberg Concreters

Exposed aggregate is also known as decorative concrete. Its top layer is removed to expose the aggregates in the concrete mix. An aggregate can be either of the following: gravel, granite, quartzite, broken glass, and many more you can choose from. 

Our professional concreters in Bundaberg provide exceptional and high-quality exposed aggregates in residential or commercial areas. The most common places where we install it is on driveways, pool surrounds, patios, plazas, and sidewalks.

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Benefits of Exposed Aggregates

So, you might be asking, “what’s the deal with these eye-catching exposed aggregates?” 

Well, we can answer that for you. Exposed aggregates are more than just a “design”. Here are the benefits of getting exposed aggregates concrete:

Exposed aggregates come from concrete, therefore, it has its structural components. They are durable, long-lasting and can resist extreme weather conditions. 

We offer a variety of colours, textures, and aggregates which you can choose from.

Due to its rough texture, it reduces slip and fall accidents. One of the reasons why exposed aggregates are suitable for pool surrounds.

Low Maintenance
It does not require intensive cleaning. Just clean it with water, and you’ll be fine! Minor cracks should also not worry you. 


Three Methods of Exposing Aggregates

Manual Brushing and Washing
This is the oldest method and does not involve any special tools. Manual brushing and washing are often used in small projects. It just involves washing away or spraying with water the layer of surface mortar that is covering the aggregate. After spraying with water, the area will be brushed with a broom until the aggregate is exposed.

However, you have to start the process right away because it will be easier to remove the surface motor right away.

Surface Retarder
This method is often used by decorative concrete contractions nowadays. Surface retarders are sprayed directly in the concrete slab to slow down the setting of the surface mortar in concrete. After some time, the surface can be power washed or swept away to expose the aggregates.

This method is used mainly because of structural integrity, slip resistance, and cosmetic appeal.

Abrasive Blasting
Abrasive blasting, or sandblasting, is a technique that is used to remove concrete to expose the aggregate. This method is also used to remove dirt, paint, graffiti, and grime.  This method gives a rough finish to the source. If you’re looking to resurfacing concrete, to retain the full colour and shape of the aggregate, it is best to avoid this method.


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