Reasons Why Your Driveway Is Cracked And Sinking

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Out of the different materials that you can choose for your property, concrete is a top choice. Concrete can provide a durable material for a variety of different areas on your property and is able to stand well against different elements with its durability. As durable as the material can be for your property though, there are certain issues that you will want to look out for with concrete. One of those issues would be sinking. Sinking concrete can be caused by different factors but can also be resolved in different ways.

What Causes Driveway Sinking?

Damages to concrete generally come with aging and harsh weather. With sinking concrete though, it is generally due to a weak base or soil erosion. A concrete installation usually involves compacting the soil with a plate compactor, but this compaction may not extend more than two feet or so below the surface. Certain types of soil also expand and contract due to external temperatures, which results in your concrete shifting and sinking.

As stated, another reason for sinking concrete is soil erosion. Such an issue generally occurs from water getting in due to a poor drainage system. If you manage to find the issue at an early stage, you have a chance of preventing further erosion.

How We Repair Your Sunken Concrete 

While there are different ways that concrete can get damaged over time, there are also different ways that these issues can be solved/repaired. If you wish to avoid/repair sinking concrete, you will want to note the following:

Mud Jacking

Mudjacking is a cement raising process that involves injecting a combination of dirt, aggregate and cement through holes in the surface. Generally done by professionals with equipment, mud jacking can certainly help with sinking concrete but would not be considered a full-proof option. The main downsides of mud jacking include holes that would be hard to conceal and materials that would not last long. If you are considering this option, you will want to have a consultation on how it may affect the area your concrete is applied.

Foam Injection

Similar to mud jacking, foam injection involves injecting a type of material under the slab and the material is polyurethane foam. This is a two-part type of material and when combined it quickly expands and solidifies, creating enough upward pressure in the process to level the slab. It is one of the more affordable methods in repairing your concrete and has different advantages including being a lightweight material for your slab and easy to install without future worries.

Helical Piles

This method basically involves having helical piles driven into the ground around the affected area and securing the slab to those. However, rather than slabs, this kind of method would be more useful for building foundations and retaining walls. Aside from this, it is also the best option for a driveway on a steep slope, especially one that one located next to an eroding hillside, or one situated on very loose soil.

While all three are viable repair solutions for your concrete, you also have the option to have this material replaced. No matter what method you decide on for your concrete and no matter the space, it would be best to have a professional service group assist you. With the variety of different services, one service group that you will want to consider is Bundaberg Concreters

Why We Are Bundaberg’s Top Concreters

Bundaberg Concreters is a professional service group to choose not just for its quality materials but budget-friendly options as well. If you are unsure of what method would work best for your concrete or wish to avoid further damages, Bundaberg Concreters can assist you with this. Whatever concreting services you may need, you can be assured Bundaberg Concreters will assist.

Concrete is one of the most durable materials that you can have for your property. However, like with other similarly durable materials, there is always a chance of it facing damage from aging and harsh weather. Some of the main things that you will want to look out for with your concrete are signs of a weak base or soil erosion. With different damages though, come different solutions including foam injection and helical piles. It especially helps to choose a reliable service like Bundaberg Concreters for assistance. If you wish to avoid future damages, it’s always good to address any signs of issues early or note the best options for you.