What to Consider When Choosing Concrete Coating

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Concrete flooring is one of the more versatile choices you can make for any space. As a material that is able to withstand different elements and offers different options in terms of style and functions, concrete is highly beneficial to both industrial and residential spaces. However, while generally durable, concrete is also a porous material and thus can end up being damaged due to wear and tear, moisture, chemicals, etc.

The recommended solution for this is to have the concrete coated. A concrete coating can not only provide extra protection for your concrete but also enhance its appearance. When deciding on a concrete coating though, there are different points to be considered first.

What’s Involved in Choosing a Concrete Coating

A concrete coating holds a large range of applications spanning from industrial settings such as chemical plants or warehouses, to food and beverage facilities, to aircraft hangars and automobile floors to name a few. If you are considering having your concrete coated, you will want to note the following before any decisions can be made:

Evaluate the Concrete Surface

The current condition of the concrete can say a lot about whether it will need any prior preparation before a coating can be applied. Should there be any wear and tear or otherwise on the concrete, it will need to be handled lest it results in a less than the quality result. For example, if you apply a thick coating system before you make the necessary repairs, which sometimes means adding a new layer of concrete to the existing slab, the floor may end up being too high.

Anticipate Exposure Conditions

In addition to checking your concrete conditions, you will also want to check on the general conditions and elements that go around in the space the concrete is installed. There are a number of different conditions that your concrete can go through including thermal shock, chemical exposure, regular wear, and tear, etc. By knowing the different conditions your concrete can end up facing, it will help you choose a concrete coating system that has the necessary physical and chemical properties to perform optimally under specific conditions.

Check the Coating Performance

If you do have a choice of coating in hand, then the first thing that you will want to do is to check how well it can perform. Like with concrete, there are different types of coatings like epoxy and urethane. As a general rule, epoxy coatings are characterised by superior adhesion, mechanical properties and chemical resistance. Urethane formulations, on the other hand, have excellent gloss retention and good impact, abrasion, stain and chemical resistance. Whatever the option, coating performance in service is also affected by the film thickness.

Evaluate Durability

As versatile and beneficial as concrete coating can be, it does not last forever. If you have yet to make a choice of concrete coating, you will want to consider the different variables that could affect it. Depending on where it is applied, there is also the option of regular maintenance of floor coating to help in extending its life expectancy.

Consider the Location

More than the concrete conditions and different elements that may affect it, you will also want to check on the general location of the concrete. If you plan to, for example, install concrete coating in a warehouse, the product will be different from that intended for redesigning the floor of an office or retail space. Simply put, different coatings work for different places.

How Bundaberg Concreters Can Help

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As a material, concrete is a durable and versatile choice for either residential or commercial spaces. While highly durable, concrete is also porous and can be susceptible to stains and other wear and tear. The best solution for this would be to apply a concrete coating. Before you apply it though, there are different factors you will want to check. These include the concrete surface, the general conditions of the area, and whether your choice of coating can perform well. By determining these conditions and more, you can be ensured a quality finish for your concrete.